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Virtual marketplaces for innovation projects - technology transfer networks- are very popular and effective in Europe, USA, China, Russia and other countries. As a rule, these networks join regional innovation centers whose mission is more than assistance to innovative companies in distributing information about their developments via Internet. Innovation centers assist at every stage of technology transfer: partner search, business plan development, marketing research, intellectual property rights protection, paper work concerning documentation on intellectual property use and technology transfer, etc.

Ukraine has considerable science and technology potential which on the one hand may be used for re-orientation of national economy towards innovation development, and, on the other hand, may contribute to European collaborative science and technology projects and initiatives aimed at increasing social life standards of European community, environmental safety and sustainable development.

However, on account of objective reasons, Ukrainian scientists and engineers can not always timely, qualitatively and accessibly offer their technologies and developments to national and foreign businesses. That is why it is quite urgent for Ukraine, who has recently chosen the European way of development, to create a modern tool of transferring innovations to business - Technology Transfer Network, which would be technologically and methodologically compatible with European tools such as European Innovation Relay Centers (IRC) Network, European Business Network, Innovation Regions network, etc.

The main goal of the planned workshop "Technology Transfer and Innovation Support Networks: International Experience and prospects for Ukraine" is to learn successful experience of existing innovation networks and to train specialists from Ukrainian innovation centers how to use up-to-date IT-tools: e-platforms of Technology Transfer Network. During the Workshop the methodology and practical experience of the networks IRC, SEZ, RTTN, etc. will be learned and directions of networking activities in Ukraine will be outlined.

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