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Day 1
September 3, 2008
9:30 - 10:00Registration
10:00 - 10:20Opening of the Workshop
  • Inna Gagauz, TBI "Kharkov Technologies",
  • Sergey Yegorov, Academy of Technology Sciences of Ukraine.
10:20 - 10:30Welcome Address from City Administration
  • Dr. Igor Matyushenko, Kharkov Oblast State Administration, Deputy Head, Main Department for External Economic Links and European Integration, Ukraine
10:30 - 10:45Role of Organizations of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Technology Transfer
  • Academician Boris Grinyov, NAS of Ukraine, Director of Institute for Scintillation Materials, Kharkov, Ukraine
10:45 - 11:05Science &Technology and Innovation Potential of Ukraine: State Policy and Prospects for European Integration.
  • Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov, Deputy Director, G. Dobrov Center for Research of Science & Technology Potential and Science History , Kiev, Ukraine
Plenary Session 1
International Experience of Innovation and Technology Transfer Support
11:05 - 11:25International Experience in Scientific Research and Innovation Support and Introduction of New European Projects EC for Ukraine
  • Prof. Ivan Samson, EU Expert, Director of Espace Europe Institute, UPMF, Grenoble, France
11:25 - 11:40Coffee-break
11:40 - 12:00Regulatory and Legal Basis for Technology Transfer Network in Germany and Ukraine.
  • Wolfgang Tiede, EU Expert, Germany
12:00 - 12:20Introduction into European Innovation Networks: Enterprise Europe Networks, European Business Network, Innovation Regions Network, etc.
  • Daniela Tchonkova, EU Expert, Bulgaria
12:20 - 12:40Experience of Polish Technology Transfer Center in Promoting Industry-Science Cooperation.
  • Dr. Dariusz Trzmielak, Director of Technology Transfer Center, University of Lodz, Poland
12:40 - 13:00Technology Transfer and Innovation Support
  • David A. Fabjan, IT adviser, Center for Knowledge Transfer, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
13:00 - 13:15Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Town of Labin, Croatia
  • Davor Cherljenko, Business adviser, Incubator Labin, Croatia
13:15 - 13:30World Bank Infodev Program: development of regional innovation networks and new global working groups
  • Stefan Schandera, consultant, infoDev Program, World Bank
Plenary Session 2
Experience of NIS Countries in Technology Transfer Support
15:00 - 15:30Practical Experience of Russian Technology Transfer Network. Methodology, results, international segments.
  • Gennadiy Pilnov, Executive Director, Russian Technology Transfer Network
15:30 - 15:50State and Regional Policy in the Sphere of Technology Transfer and Commercialization in Belarus.
  • Alexander Uspensky, Director of Republican Technology Transfer Center, Belarus.
15:50 - 16:10Status and Prospects of Innovation Development and Technology Transfer in Moldova.
  • Valerian Dorogan., Vice-rector for scientific research, Technical University, Moldova
16:10 - 16:30Practical contribution of UkrISTEI into development of innovation network.
  • Anatoliy Yamchuk, Director, UkrISTEI, Ukraine
16:30 - 16:45Coffee-break
16:45 - 17:00Computer-based system of forming of integrated intergovernmental informational resources and technology transfer.
  • Anna Kushnir, leading research officer, UkrISTEI, Ukraine
17:00 - 17:20Issues of Technology Brokerage Development in Ukraine. Creation and Development of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network UTTN.
  • Michail Goncharenko, General Director, Technopark Yavoriv, Ukraine
Day 2
September 4, 2008
Working Group on Development of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network
Designed for participation of representatives of the Ukrainian innovation infrastructure - potential members and partners of UTTN
Moderators: Sergey Yegorov, Inna Gagauz
10:00 - 10:30Regulatory and Legal Basis for Creation of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network.
Review of legislative base, regulatory documents, contractual relations
10:30 - 11:00Methodology of Creation of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network (UTTN).
Suggested design and management. External and internal relations and communications. Process of decision making. Services provided.
11:00 - 11:30Organization of work of Regional Coordinators of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network.
Functionalities and responsibility. Technology profiles. Forming and support of regional database. Visits to companies, technology audit.
11:30 - 11:45Coffee-break
11:45 - 13:30Discussion. Signing of the UTTN Development Memorandum.
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