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Role of Organizations of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Technology Transfer
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Academician Boris Grinyov, NAS of Ukraine, Director of Institute for Scintillation Materials, Kharkov, Ukraine
Science &Technology and Innovation Potential of Ukraine: State Policy and Prospects for European Integration.
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Dr. Vyacheslav Solovyov, Deputy Director, G. Dobrov Center for Research of Science & Technology Potential and Science History, Kiev, Ukraine
International Experience in Scientific Research and Innovation Support and Introduction of New European Projects EC for Ukraine
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Prof. Ivan Samson, EU Expert, Director of Espace Europe Institute, UPMF, Grenoble, France
Regulatory and Legal Basis for Technology Transfer Network in Germany and Ukraine.
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Wolfgang Tiede, EU Expert, Germany
Introduction into European Innovation Networks: Enterprise Europe Networks, European Business Network, Innovation Regions Network, etc.
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Daniela Tchonkova, EU Expert, Bulgaria
Experience of Polish Technology Transfer Center in Promoting Industry-Science Cooperation.
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Dr. Dariusz Trzmielak, Director of Technology Transfer Center, University of Lodz, Poland
Technology Transfer and Innovation Support
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David A. Fabjan, IT adviser, Center for Knowledge Transfer, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Town of Labin, Croatia
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Davor Cherljenko, Business adviser, Incubator Labin, Croatia
World Bank Infodev Program: development of regional innovation networks and new global working groups
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Stefan Schandera, consultant, infoDev Program, World Bank
Practical Experience of Russian Technology Transfer Network. Methodology, results, international segments.
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Gennadiy Pilnov, Executive Director, Russian Technology Transfer Network
State and Regional Policy in the Sphere of Technology Transfer and Commercialization in Belarus.
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Vitaliy Kuzmin, Head of Marketing Department of Republican Technology Transfer Center, Belarus.
Practical contribution of UkrISTEI into development of innovation network.
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Alexey Parkhomenko, Deputy Director, UkrISTEI, Ukrain
Activity of ATSU and Kyiv City Administration on International Cooperation and Business-incubation in High Technology Sphere
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Sergey Sarapulov, Chairman of Supervisory Board, Center for Investment, Innovation and High Technology Assistance "Darnitsa", Ukraine
Issues of Technology Brokerage Development in Ukraine. Creation and Development of Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network UTTN.
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Michail Goncharenko, General Director, Technopark "Yavoriv", Ukraine

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